9 regions, 5 continents, 1000 hackers &
The UN SDG Action Campaign
will connect, create and collaborate during a
48-hour global hackathon around 3 of
the UN Sustainable Development Goals

“Throughout the tenure of my Presidency, my office and I will remain firmly committed to fostering new methods of increasing awareness about the new agenda, and ways of working across sectors to achieve its implementation. As such, we look forward to closely following the outcomes of the hackathon, and will warmly welcome the winners to the United Nations Headquarters.”

- H.E. Peter Thomson, President of the United Nations General Assembly


1. Why now?
For the first time in our history, we are at a point where we have the tools, ideas and technology to solve the world’s problems and have a real impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
2. Why us?
It has become commonplace thinking that government cannot and should not be expected to solve all our problems and it is up to us to work together to build the future we need and help the the UN achieve it’s goals.

Because we have the network and experience to instigate this movement to help the UN achieve its goals.
3. Why get involved?
The most successful businesses come from pain points. We want to create and build successful yet sustainable and responsible businesses that tackle real problems for genuine impact. All successful ideas will be put on a crowdfunding platform to facilitate their growth.


SDG 9 : Industry Innovation & Infrastructure BAHRAIN, LAGOS, CHANDIGARH, LISBON
SDG 10 : Reduced Inequality LONDON & RIO DE JANEIRO
SDG 12 : Responsible Consumption & Production BALI, NEW YORK, GENEVA
225 Teams
200+ Solutions
1 Crowdfunding Platform

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